“Uber Foodie”

L.A. Renigen is an Actor and, to quote the words of her friend Chef Eric Samaniego, an “Uber Foodie.”

A San Francisco native, she moved to Los Angeles in 2006 to pursue a career in Acting, but instead became a Pastry Cook. She made french macarons at Boule Patisserie for over a year before deciding to return to Acting.

She has starred in the Independent films, “Colma the Musical,” and “Fruit Fly,” as well as performed with Bay Area Theater Companies Bindlestiff Studios, Teatro ng Tanan, Woman’s Will, and East West Players in Los Angeles.

She is also host of the food show, “LaLa,” produced by the Center for Asian American Media in San Francisco and Comcast. In “LaLa,” L.A. travels to different Asian restaurants along with fellow foodies HP Mendoza and ES Park, to dine with and interview Asian Chefs in the Restaurant industry. They are currently in production for LaLa Season Two.

L.A. lives in Los Angeles and can be spotted relishing ramen in Little Tokyo, feasting on pho or killing Korean BBQ in K-town, dining on dumplings in Arcadia, munching masala dosas in Artesia, savoring sushi in Studio City (or Downtown), bearing down on burgers on Melrose, gobbling “Godmothers” in Santa Monica,¬†or torturing herself with thoughts of Tartine morning buns from the Mission in SF.

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